Kirti Srivastava

  A banker by profession, and a dreamer by heart, she started writing long back with newspapers and magazines. She completed her masters in English literature in 2007. However, this is her first stint with a thriller fiction. A girl with a different shade of brown, there lives in her an impish storyteller, who concocts […]


MrOwl Partners with Cricket Star Virat Kohli, who will Share Exclusive Personal Content on the Platform

MrOwl has announced a partnership with cricket star Virat Kohli, the captain for the India national cricket team. MrOwl is a Community Interest Engine™ that brings together the best of social, search, and digital organization all in one app. The MrOwl apps and website allow people to collaborate on topics, find inspiring ideas, share knowledge […]


Corrugated Plastic Trays Market Analysis and Value Forecast Snapshot by End-use Industry 2018 – 2028

Corrugated Plastic Trays – Introduction Corrugated plastic trays are widely used in packaging of various products including food, agriculture, electronic accessories, pharmaceutical, & automotive etc. Corrugated plastic trays are customizable, and therefore are available in a variety of sizes. Corrugated plastic trays offers various features as compared to the conventional paper and paperboard trays such […]


PET Containers Market Global Industry Analysis, Trends and Forecast, 2018 – 2028

PET Containers Market: Significance PET containers are one of the economical packaging solutions for packaging of carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, edible oil, and other personal care & household products among its counterparts. Burgeoning consumption of the ready-to-consume products has propelled the demand for PET containers in the market. The key technologies used for the […]


Post Consumer Recycled Bottles Market Segments, Opportunity, Growth and Forecast By End-use Industry 2018-2028

Post Consumer Recycled Bottles Market – Significance: Recycling of plastic bottles can help to conserve the additional 80% of energy that is generally used for manufacturing new bottles, containers, and other products. Post consumer recycled bottles have a high scrap value per ton. For each ton of plastic that is recycled, independent research estimates that […]


Hour Trust Ltd Introduces A New Platform For Cryptocurrency Trading And Forex Trading To Online Investors

United Kingdom: In financial planning Cryptocurrency technology is relatively new, but it is growing very fast. Some people argue that it has the capability to change the face of marketing and finance. Before investing one should understand what is cryptocurrency. It is the latest technology with blockchain on which other distributed systems and biotin are […]