Top Shelf Concepts Supplies Innovative Buffet Displays by Rosseto

Food presentation is one of the crucial elements that attract guests. Shelf Concepts offers innovative buffet display equipment for a beautiful, appetising buffet display.

[Coorparoo, 17/09/2018] – According to buffet restaurant managers, reinventing the traditional horizontal buffet layout can create a more appetising buffet display. Using risers with different levels, for example, adds height to buffet layouts, optimising worktop spaces while presenting entrees and courses in an appealing display.

Buffets are Part of the Décor

When designing a buffet’s layout, buffet restaurant managers say the goal is to add design elements that emphasise the appearance of the food. Some use linen with unique patterns, signage and suspended florals. These design elements are complemented by modern buffet display equipment.

Innovative buffet displays use modern materials such as rustic timber, stainless steel, black matte fibreglass, to name a few. According to a Teresa MacPherson, General Manager of Patina Restaurant Group, buffet display materials play a central role in creating the appetising appeal of the food. She recommends using unconventional materials, such as a clamshell to hold a seafood salad or a marble tile as a serving tray for prime rib steak.

Rosseto Buffet Displays

Top Shelf Concepts is the exclusive supplier of innovative buffet displays by Rosseto, a leading brand in the commercial buffet display market. The Rosseto display combines both a high level of utility and aesthetic appeal. The display’s risers and buffet platters are suitable for many commercial applications, such as catered events, restaurants, weddings, dessert stations and more.

The company’s range of buffet display equipment includes black matte stainless steel risers, bamboo vases, tempered glass trays, beverage dispensers, available in various sizes and finishes. By using the Rosseto display range supplied by Top Shelf Concepts, restaurant managers and caterers can design their buffet with a fresh look.

About Top Shelf Concepts

Top Shelf Concepts is one of the leading commercial catering equipment suppliers helping clients improve the look of their culinary creations. The company works with many highly esteemed clients in New Zealand, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Many of their products have been featured on shows such as MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules.

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