Hotel Amenities For Business Traveller

The amenities provided by the hotel are one of the important factor that attracts a business traveller to your property. Quality of the services provided is one essential consideration, especially for a business traveller.

When talking about hotel amenities, online travel solutions for corporates make sure they include hotels that consist of basic requirements ranging from a toothpaste to a laptop. Business travellers prefer personal hygiene products with quality brands, for example a moisture rich lotion, scented roll on and a deodorant.

These kind of products are a concern for successful hoteliers and a significance of good service for the guest. Every business traveller needs work comfort similar to what they get in their offices and homes. There are some unavoidable things they carry along like laptops, mobile phone, headset etc. to receive utmost comfort, the hotelier needs to provide rest of the amenities. Here are a few must have amenities that are a must for every Business traveller:

1. A wireless internet connection – a well working Wi-Fi is the biggest deciding factor for any business traveller. They need a free internet connection with good capacity to follow their work even when they are in the hotel.

2. A couple of outlets: travellers have numerous electronic items which need to be charged timely. These require outlets to plug in.

3. Chair and desk: many business travellers prefer to have an official desk in their room along with a revolving chair.

4. A task lamp: many business travellers find it extremely difficult to use the mere room light or bedside lamp when working. A task lamp is better at solving the purpose.

5. In room tea: travellers love to have a tea station with tea bags in their rooms.

6. Local call service: most luxury hotels do not charge you for local call services. Business travellers need to make local calls time to time and charging for these calls may be frustrating.

7. Printing and fax services: many travellers are busy people and prone to make their work advanced. A printing and fax service in the hotel is much needed for such corporate travellers.

8. Fitness centre: a hotel that has a separate area as a fitness centre is a good idea. As a busy traveller it is a challenge to stay fit at most times, yet they prefer to have a daily workout. Jogging is not always a possibility and hence, fitness centres help solve the purpose of giving them a dose of their daily workout.

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