Practical Production Application Of High Speed Welding Process for SSAW Steel Pipe

The actual production and application of the high-speed welding process of submerged arc welded pipe generally requires efforts from the following points.
(1) Reasonable design process parameters
Process parameters play an important role in improving the SAW pipe. In the following, we will use the actual production of the X70M ssaw steel pipe with a diameter of 813mm×14.2mm as a practical example. Through a large number of practical results, this type of X70M spiral submerged arc welded pipe is usually produced with two welding speeds. The initial welding speed is 1600mm/min.
Afterwards, the welding process parameters listed were tested at welding speeds of 2000 mm per minute and 2200 mm per minute without changing the size of the welding material and the welding groove. It is worth noting that in order to avoid as much as possible the internal and external welding saddle shape exceeds the standard (after increasing the welding speed), the relevant staff must appropriately reduce the eccentricity of the internal welding point according to actual needs. According to the test results of quality results, the appearance quality and non-destructive test results of the steel pipe weld joints are improved after the welding speed is improved. The mechanical properties of the lsaw steel pipe joints before and after the welding speed increase are all very stable and can be very good. Meet the production needs.
(2) Comparing production efficiency X70M spiral submerged arc welded pipe with a diameter of 813 mm×14.2 mm was produced at a speed of 1600 mm/min and a speed of 2000 mm/min in a batch production process. Facts have proved that the maximum output of single class after speed increase based on no equipment failure and abnormal situation caused by parking is increased by nearly 20 percent or more before speed increase, and the rate of one-time pass of steel pipe inspection after speed increase is more significant than before. The promotion.
To sum up, with the development and progress of science and technology, significant advances have been made in the design of submerged arc welded pipe high-speed welding processes and actual production and application processes. Through the above data has been fully demonstrated, through this way production efficiency has been improved, while welding quality can also be effectively guaranteed. In view of this, through the reasonable design of the welding process parameters, it is feasible to increase the welding speed within the scope of the equipment’s capability, and it should be boldly tried in the future.