Set Your Business Apart and Ensure Safety in the Workplace with Respiratory Protection Products from Maxisafe

Maxisafe offers a wide range of high-quality respiratory protection products to ensure workers’ safety in the workplace. The company carries a comprehensive collection of products that protect workers from various pollutants.

[SYDNEY OLYMPIC PARK, 14/6/2018] – Maxisafe, a global leader in protection solutions, supplies high-quality and efficient respiratory protection products that ensure workers’ safety in the workplace. The company has a comprehensive collection of innovative, high-quality respiratory protection products that protect workers from different kinds of harmful pollutants.

There’s safe then there’s Maxisafe

Safety is at their core – Maxisafe is a brand that gives the assurance that workers and employers need in tough environments. Maxisafe understands the safety demands of different industries and provides a selection of products to address their concerns.

Call them on 1300 062 947 to talk to a representative who can discuss their products.

The Range

Maxisafe’s collection of respiratory protection products includes:

• Maxiguard Full and Half Face Respirators
Assembled full and half mask respirators; prefilters to suit half masks
• MaxiPak Respiratory Kits
Welder’s particle respiratory kits; painters’ Respiratory Kit; chemical respiratory kits
• Maxisafe Filters and Accessories
Gas filters; pre-particle filters; seal tester for gas filters; replacement covers and lens
• Powered Air Purifying Respirators and Masks
Evolve auto darkening welding helmets, air hood face shields with PAPR unit; full face PAPR masks; full face PAPR masks (belt mounted version)
• STS Professional Full and Half Face Masks and Filters
Silicone full face and half face respirators; TPE full face and half face respirators
• Maxisafe Disposable Respiratory Protection
Nuisance dust masks; valved respirators

About Maxisafe

Maxisafe designs, develops and manufactures a broad range of protective clothing. With their local market expertise and global sourcing power, the company develops innovative and effective products that guarantee safety. Maxisafe complies with safety standards across Australia, America, Europe and other places in the world. They keep abreast of the changes in the marketplace and empower their distributors with the knowledge they need to succeed.

For more information about Maxisafe and other product enquiries, visit their website at

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