The rollercoaster of OnlineGatha: a self publishing house

OnlineGatha is a venture started in 2014 by Sumit Srivastava and Raunak Srivastava under CompaddictsInfotechPvt. Ltd. (another venture by them) and got its registration done as a separate company in 2016. Now, leaving behind the professional language, OnlineGatha is a world for authors where their book is typed, edited, published, printed and promoted. They provide author’s social platform where authors can share their thoughts and grow as a writer. They sell book over 30+ platforms including Onlinegatha’s bookstore besides inauguration of book and celebration of success of authors.
Onlinegatha has even marked its presence in many book fairs. It is a venture which is completely dedicated to authors and writers. They pay a huge royalty of 70% to authors and this is the proof enough to show their dedication and devotion towards literally world.
Another blessing is their team which is ready to help authors 24×7. Be it be showering new ideas, reverting mails and calls or guiding the right direction, the expert team do it all for their beloved authors. Onlinegatha brings publishing, distribution, inauguration, etc. at your doorstep.
Upon being asked about the future planning, both the partners had only one amazing answer, “We want to create a world for authors where they can grow together without any hindrance. A saying stays for years but a book stays forever. Every book and each pen has plenty to teach, we just want to provide a paper to each pen.”
When asked about their thought about books, Sumit Srivastava said, “Books are the gems that have power to change the society for better. The more you read, the better you become.” While Raunak Srivastava said, “There can be nothing as soothing as starting your day with a cup of coffee and a book. A reader lives each and every character that he reads and thus have the experience of them all.”