Easy Steps To The Best Lawn Care

A healthy lawn is a perfect, lush green carpet and if you are the proud owner of one such, then great! You are among the lucky few to have mastered the art of lawn care. However, for the rest of the folks, lawn care might be an overwhelming task with little or no success. The basics are quite simple really – your lawn requires sunlight, water and fertiliser and a whole lot of care to thrive. Here are some easy steps to the best lawn care that results in a lush green carpet you’ve been hoping for…

Starting the lawn with the right soil

Before setting the lawn, you need to plan the area and prepare it. This means clearing the space of any weeds, debris and other unwanted materials. It is also a good idea to get the soil tested before deciding on the type of grass that will grow well in the area. If it is deficient in any respect, you can make the corrections beforehand.

Eliminate the weeds

Weeds are a constant problem for every garden and lawn. If you want a lush green carpet, make sure to get rid of the weeds right from the roots to prevent an overgrowth. Broad-leaf weeds are easier to get rid of if they are just beginning to take root. Simply pull them out by hand. Other stubborn weeds my require the application of a weed control product.

The trick lies in the mowing

There is a common misconception about the grass, that it must be cut short, so that it need not be mowed too often. But in reality, this stresses out the grass and leaves bare patches on your lawn. The best way is to cut only a third of the grass blade each time you mow. Letting the grass grow taller keeps it green and healthy. Longer grass also prevents the soil from drying out and ensures better root development leading to a healthy lawn.

Watering it just right

It is important to water your lawn in the correct manner. Water it occasionally but deeply, which helps the soil to retain the moisture and develop a good root system. Also, it is better to water the lawn in the morning so that the grass dries out during the course of the day. Watering late evening may retain too much moisture, ruining the grass blades.

Lawn fertilisation

Your lawn requires nutrients to grow, so you need to fertilise it at least twice a year. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the three main ingredients of plant fertiliser but look for a complete fertiliser with additional micro-nutrients like copper, sulphur and iron.

Follow these easy steps for the best and you will be rewarded with a lush green carpet of healthy lawn grass. However, if you are pressed for time, you might want to hire a garden maintenance company like Fox Mowing for the job.

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