Take Your Road Trip to the Next Level with Barsnracks 4WD Equipment

Your friends go off-roading and you are ready to join them. You’ve read up some if not all the “how to” material available on the internet, you’ve got your 4WD vehicle in the garage. You are ready to visit the offroad accessory shop. Read on to find out what exactly should you buy?

You don’t need a 4WD vehicle for city use. The whole existence of a 4WD vehicle is for offroad use. So can you just drive off the tarred road and get onto a dirt track? Yes you can provided the dirt track is reasonably motorable. But true offroad experience like driving on a dry river bed for instance, requires some adjustments to be made to the vehicle and some specialised accessories. What accessories you will need to add to your vehicle will depend on the terrain in which you intend to take your vehicle.

Off road experience will require two types of 4Wd Roof Racks; accessories for the vehicle itself and accessories to make your road trip a success. The former includes special tires, auxiliary lights, power winches and recovery equipment, tyre mats, tyre deflators and inflators, long range gas tanks, roof racks, storage units, suspension systems, bull bars, tow gear, brake controllers, tie down straps, roof access ladders, crank case ventilator, snorkels and air intakes, drawers and organisers, water storage and filters, GPS with external antenna, snatch straps, seat belt cutters and glass breakers, steering damper (if your vehicle isn’t equipped with one), and so forth.

Even if your 4WD Accessories Sydney vehicle has good ground clearance, remember that off-roading can do a lot of damage to the underside your vehicle and your engine, especially if you’re driving over rocks and large boulders. You will need add steel skid plates to protect the underside of your vehicle and engine. You will also require a gas tank skid plate. This will ensure your gas tank does not get ruptured by some sharp pointy rock or stone. It would also be a good idea to protect your oil pan, differentials, and any other vulnerable components under your vehicle.

To enhance your camping experience you will require camping gear, refrigerators, LED light bars (available from 6 inches to a massive 42 inches in length), communications, campers, battery, side or rare awnings, awning walls or awning tents, maybe a roof-top tent, first aid kit, outdoor cooking kits, power generators, portable shower kit, outdoor BBQ, mats etc.

Remember, you do not have to buy everything listed here. What you do buy will depend on where you intend to take your vehicle. Don’t look at it from the immediate upcoming offroad trip, instead, figure out the terrain that your vehicle will be driving through over the next two or three offroad trips. That way you can get everything you need at one go rather than having to revisit the store before each offroad trip. Also, buying everything at one go also makes it easier to match kits. Don’t forget, the best accessory shop offroad experience is Bars-n-racks at 6 Chard Road, Brookvale NSW. You can call them on 02 9905 2422.